Answer the Call to Exercise!

May 03, 2022 Lifestyle Tips 2 MIN

Answer the Call to Exercise!

Ring, ring, ring. “Hello?” you say. An energetic voice on the other end replies, “Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!” With rising rates of obesity sweeping across the nation and an increasing number of trips to the doctor due to weight-related concerns, Americans are receiving this call to action more often than ever before. Sure, washboard abs, lean legs, and bulging biceps may be some of the physical rewards for making exercise a regular part of your life, but there are many additional benefits to answering the “Call to Exercise.” Read on to learn why exercise is so important and how you can engage in physical activity for good health.

Exercise for Good Health

Have you ever wondered if there is something else you can do—aside from taking a pill—to help prevent and care for weakened bones, high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol levels? Well, wonder no more and instead, get active with exercise. Recent research has explored the various benefits of aerobic and resistance training for supporting strong, healthy bones and maintaining or reducing cholesterol levels. In addition, regular physical activity has been examined as for helping the body use insulin to maintain blood glucose levels. [1] Furthermore, regular exercise can help increase desirable HDL “good” cholesterol levels and reduce undesirable LDL “bad” cholesterol levels. Your body will be sure to thank you each time you venture out on the hiking trails, visit the gym or take part in an energizing kick-boxing class. Make a point to talk to your doctor about the appropriate exercise options that can point you in the right direction towards achieving your health goals.

Exercise for Better Sleep

According to experts, regular exercise can be just the key to enjoying a good night’s rest. Physical activity allows for the release of excess stress, which in turn can help you sleep soundly. Research has also found that sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on various aspects of life such as productivity at work, weight management and attitude. [2] So, make a point to pencil in some time for fitness and you’ll appreciate the revitalizing rewards of better nighttime “Z’s.”

Exercise to Control Your Weight

Does stepping on the scale scare you? If so, perhaps it’s because the number on display isn’t always the figure you want to see. Increase your level of physical activity and boost your chances of shedding those excess pounds and reaching your desired weight. Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and may make you feel more inclined to make healthful food and lifestyle choices. What’s more, you might just befriend the measuring device and stand proudly upon it.

Exercise to Boost Your Mood

Had a tough day? Then step outdoors, run around the neighborhood and let off some steam. Getting your body into motion can help you lift your spirits by providing an outlet for you to expend the negative energy that has been weighing you down. Furthermore, exercise promotes relaxation, allows you to think clearly and liberates the tension that has been affecting your mood. You might also consider more meditative pastimes like yoga--an engaging practice that involves a number of revitalizing, mind-oriented movements and postures.

Exercise to Have Fun and Enjoy Life

You don’t have to pay a trainer or be in a gym to reap the rewards of exercise. Exercise opportunities are all around you whether you live in the mountains, on the coast, in flat open fields or in a big city. Hiking paths, coastal boardwalks, country trails and city streets offer welcoming routes for a brisk walk or heart-pumping run. You can even enjoy exercise while cleaning your home, mowing the lawn or splashing in the pool with your kids.

Clearly, there are many reasons why exercise is valuable and many ways to get active. Hopefully, you will answer the call and make exercise a key priority in your life!


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