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Studies Using Nature Made

For 20 years, Nature Made® has been a brand of choice for academic and public research studies on dietary supplements due to the quality and consistency our products provide. From a substantial total list, we are pleased to share links to a few of the most well-known studies that used Nature Made products:

Determination of coenzyme Q10 content in raw materials and dietary supplements by high-performance liquid chromatography-UV: collaborative study.

Lunetta, Roman; 2008; Ten collaborating labs

Key findings: Key finding: HPLC-UV testing is effective and dependable for CoQ10Key finding: Serum folate concentrations increased in folic acid groups

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Effects of short-term folic acid and/or riboflavin supplementation on serum folate and plasma total homocysteine concentrations in young Japanese male subjects.

Araki, et al. 2006; Japan Women’s University

Key findings: Key finding: HPLC-UV testing is effective and dependable for CoQ10Key finding: Serum folate concentrations increased in folic acid groups

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Our Work by Numbers

Pharmavite (the makers of Nature Made®), has been a trusted leader in health and wellness with over 50 years of commitment to research, science and innovation.

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Active studies in Science and Technology

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