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Nearly 50 years of scientific expertise in research, science, and innovation, our robust line of vitamins and supplements are made to support all of your patients’ health needs.

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From the start, Nature Made has been committed to rigorous testing and high-quality ingredients, so you can be assured your patients are always getting science-backed solutions packed with real benefits.

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Vitamins and supplements supported by over 50 years of research

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USP has tested and verified ingredients, potency and manufacturing process. USP sets official standards for dietary supplements.

Patient Resources

Health Benefits

Sleep Support

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Vitamin D

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Omega 3s/Fish Oil

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Bone Health

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Vitamin B12

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Nutrient Shortfalls & Interactions

BMI & Nutrient Shortfalls

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Food Choices to Fill Nutrient Shortfalls

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Drug Nutrient Interactions

Common Drug Nutrient Depletions & Interactions

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Drug Nutrient Depletion Interaction Chart

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Nutrient Dosing Recommendations

Nutrient Dosing Recommendations

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How to Read a Supplement Label

How to Read a Supplement Label

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Prenatal & Postnatal

Daily Nutritional Support for Mother and Baby Learn More

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Fish Consumption Guide: Pre, During, & Post Pregnancy

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The Benefits of a Prenatal Multivitamin with DHA

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Industry & Research

The Company We Keep

Nature Made has developed long term relationships with leading healthcare professional groups and industry organizations with the goal of providing the practitioner and consumers with science-based information on the nutritional products that we market.

Healthcare Professional Groups

American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)

American Nurse Practitioner Foundation (ANPF)

Industry Organizations 

American Society of Nutrition (ASN)

National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF)

Industry Regulation

The following resources provide information on dietary supplement regulation.

Industry Research

We know you like to stay abreast of emerging science on nutrition, as we do. Below are select research studies about vitamins, minerals and/or supplements. Some of these studies are available to view in their full text, while others are only available in abstract form.


Inadequacy of immune health nutrients: Intakes in us adults, the 2005–2016 NHANES (2020)

Menopause – EQUELLE

Sampling Trial Showed S-equol Supplementation Helped Relieve Menopausal Symptoms (P06-111-19) (2019)*

Mental Wellness

Serum long chain omega-3 fatty acids and depression among adults in the United States: An analysis of NHANES 2011–2012 (2021)

Nutrient Gaps

Cost-Effectiveness of Nutrient Supplementation in Cancer Survivors (2021)

Diet quality improvement and 30-year population health and economic outcomes: a microsimulation study (2021)

Iron and Folic Acid Bioavailability from a Multivitamin Tablet Following a Single Dose and After 28 Days of Supplementation (P24-010-19) (2019)

Inadequate calcium and vitamin D intake and osteoporosis risk in older Americans living in poverty with food insecurities (2020)

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acid serum concentrations across life stages in the USA: an analysis of NHANES 2011-2012 (2021)

An Update on Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Health (2021)

Prenatal & Postnatal

Absorption of Folic Acid from Different Delivery Forms: A Randomized, Crossover Study (2020)*

Choline and DHA in Maternal and Infant Nutrition: Synergistic Implications in Brain and Eye Health (2019)

Maternal Omega-3 Nutrition, Placental Transfer and Fetal Brain Development in Gestational Diabetes and Preeclampsia (2019)

Providing Infants with the Best Start in Life: Identification of Nutrient Gaps in Women of Childbearing Age in the United States (2020)*

Research & Development

Designing Robust Tablet Formulas Resilient to Raw Material and Equipment Variations with the Aid of Design of Experiment (DOE) Method (2019)*

Effects of different cleaning agents on the appearance, smell, and taste of soft gel capsules (2020)*


Analysis Of NHANES 2005–2016 Data Showed Significant Association Between Micro And Macronutrient In (2019)*

Association of omega-3 levels and sleep in US adults, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2011-2012 (2022)

Micronutrient Inadequacy in Short Sleep: Analysis of the NHANES 2005-2016 (2019)

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Crossover Study to Investigate the Pharmacokinetics of Extended-Release Melatonin Compared to Immediate-Release Melatonin in Healthy Adults

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