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Nature Made’s Multis for Her are specially formulated for women’s daily nutritional needs. Discover the right one for you today.

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Understanding Women’s Multivitamins

Learn how a daily women’s multivitamin can be an easy first step in your self-care routine.

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What are multivitamins for women?

Multivitamins for women provide the essential nutrients that women need daily to help support immune health, bone health, cellular energy production and more. Whether you just turned 18, you just celebrated your 80th birthday, or you're somewhere in between, Nature Made® has a formula for you.†

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Who should take women’s daily multivitamin supplements?

A daily multivitamin is helpful for women who want to get the vitamins and minerals they need to be their best, healthiest version of themselves. Our daily vitamins for women take care of you, so you can take on the day ahead.†

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What are women’s multivitamins good for?

While you may strive to eat healthy, a busy day-to-day schedule means you might be lacking key nutrients in your diet. A multivitamin supplement can be taken every day, all year long to help fill potential nutrient gaps and support your overall health.†

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Explore expert answers to some of the most frequently asked women's multivitamin questions.

  • What do multivitamins help with?

    Multivitamins help fill potential nutrient gaps from your diet by providing daily nutritional support.
  • Which multivitamin should I take based on my age?

    If you are over 50 years of age, it is recommended that you take a multivitamin that contains no iron, such as our Women's Multi 50+, unless your healthcare professional has suggested otherwise. If you are a woman under 50, you should consider taking a multivitamin with iron.
  • How many multivitamins can you take a day?

    We would only recommend you take one serving per day unless the Suggested Use says otherwise. Please check the label of your multivitamin for specific instructions. However, as with all supplement regimens and especially during pregnancy, you should consult with your healthcare professional before starting any supplement routine.
  • Are your multivitamins gluten free?

    Most Nature Made products are gluten free. Please refer to the label of the bottle or packaging that it is contained in. If you have any additional questions, please call us and we'll be happy to assist you.
  • When does this product expire?

    Please refer to the expiration date on the bottle.

Women’s Vitamins by Nature Made

Women’s Vitamins by Nature Made®

A daily multivitamin provides multiple key nutrients that your body needs, such as Folic Acid, Vitamin D, the Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, and other important nutrients for your overall nutrition. From vitamins for bone health to supporting the immune system, a multivitamin is a great addition to your daily routine.

At Nature Made®, we offer several different dietary supplement pills and daily supplements for women. Whether you go for a gummy vitamin or a softgel capsule, we make it easy for you to get key nutrients to supplement your diet. Take Nature Made®, and we’ll take care of the rest. Shop our multivitamins for women online today.