Eye Health

Set your sights on a clear path to well-being.
Eye Health Eye Health

Eye Health

Set your sights on a clear path to well-being.

See Eye to Eye

How Can I Support Healthy Eye Function?

Start with a well-balanced diet. Pack your plate with plenty of fruits and veggies. Some vision supplements can support healthy vision and eye function too!†

What Foods Can Help Support Healthy Eye Function?

If it's dark green and leafy, it's gotta be good. So grab some spinach or kale. They're both really great food sources of lutein, which is an important nutrient for those eyes. If you don’t get enough leafy green vegetables, add extra nutrients by supplementing your diet with vision vitamins and nutrients.

Let’s Help Support It

We can't fix your vision, but you can support your eye health with some love from lutein, vitamin A and Extra Strength Omega-3 from Fish Oil.† In addition, our Vision with AREDS 2 Formula helps support healthy vision and eye function†.Our eye health supplements are packed with nutrients, helping to support healthy eyes.

Eye Supplements from Nature Made

At Nature Made, we’ve designed a number of different supplements and vitamins for eyes to help support your body. Our nutrients and vitamins for eye health include Vitamin A, Lutein, Vision with AREDS 2 Formula and Extra Strength Omega 3 from Fish Oil, all important supplements that help support healthy eyes. If you're looking for a daily eye vitamin or nutrient that is meant to supplement a healthy diet, consider incorporating one of our nutritional supplements for eye health today!