What Your Dreams Mean

May 24, 2022 Sleep Tips 1 MIN

What Your Dreams Mean

If you’ve ever taken a psychology course in school, you may be familiar with a tactic known as dream analysis. Sigmund Freud, often referred to as the father of modern psychology, had quite the interest in dream interpretation. He believed that dreams could help us realize what we truly desired in life. As humans, however, our thoughts can be complex, so investigating our dreams can help us sort through those a bit. Plus, it’s fascinating!

Here are some fun and easy way to explore your dreams:

Sometimes people can have trouble remembering their dreams once they wake up and get moving. We can become focused on other things, and our dreams can slip away before we have the chance to think about them. To help remember them better, make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. When you wake up in the morning, try to keep a notebook beside your bed, so that before your feet even touch the floor, you can jot down what you remember of your dream from the night before. Then you can go back later and give it some thought.

Pay attention to the symbols that you see in your dreams. If there’s a significant person, or an animal, or a specific location, pay attention to those, as well. Then you can visit a site that helps you to understand what those symbols might represent. You’ll be interested to see how there are so many similarities between what we all dream about – hasn’t everyone had the dream where their teeth fall out?

Try keeping a dream journal with dates of each dream that you have. This way, you can write down everything that you find out about the symbols in your dreams and begin to see if any sort of pattern is emerging. This can help to give you greater insight into what your head and heart are doing while you’re counting sheep!