Tunes Before Bed: The Nature Made Sleep Playlist

Mar 02, 2023 Sleep Tips 2 MIN

Tunes Before Bed: The Nature Made Sleep Playlist

Sleep is one of the most important human functions, but between prioritizing daily responsibilities and managing relationships with friends, family and self, many find it difficult to achieve the recommended 8 hours per night. Whether you have trouble falling asleep occasionally and desire a more consistent routine, or you face seemingly endless nights counting sheep, incorporating soothing tunes before bed can be a simple way to have a restful snooze.

In fact, Sleep Foundation research has shown that specific genres and types of music may aid in falling asleep when the tempo and speed of the song falls within 60-80 beats per minute (BPM).[1] We compiled a selection of such songs to create the ultimate “Sleep Playlist” to accompany your bedtime routine.

Our “Sleep Playlist” has a collection of songs by artists who are loved across generations, including The Beatles, Harry Styles, The Eagles, and more. Whether you listen to music to relax and wind down before bed or to release stress at the end of the day, the “Sleep Playlist” has something for everyone. Each song was specifically selected based on its calming 60-80 BPM tempo so you can hit play and hit the sack.   

If you’re looking for additional, easy practices when preparing for a quality night’s sleep, Nature Made Wellness Ambassador and medicine and nutrition expert, Dr. Nicole Avena Ph.D., has a list of helpful sleep tips that all can try.

Shut Those Screens

Stop looking at your phone 60-90 minutes before bed time to ensure you detach from your screen and to avoid bluelight that can interfere with good sleep.

Set The Mood

Make a cozy sleep environment: dark shades on the windows to keep out light, a weighted blanket, and a cooling pillow will do the trick. Keep the thermostat low as it helps to sleep when it is cooler in the room. Some soothing tunes can also help set the mood.

Have Sweet Dreams, But Not Too Sweet

Try to avoid sugary foods and starchy carbs after 7 p.m.. That way, blood sugar levels are stable while you sleep, and you are not having a sugar crash at 3 a.m.!

Consider Sleep Supporting Supplements

In addition to eating a balanced diet, taking a supplement that contains ingredients like L-theanine to relax the mind or GABA to support a calm mental state may help prepare your body for sleep. For occasional sleeplessness, consider melatonin, which helps you fall asleep quickly.†

Whether you are looking for a small way to improve your sleep environment or to completely overhaul your nighttime routine, incorporating just a few of these simple yet effective tips will ensure you’re on the path to successful sleep!

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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