Science Based

At Nature Made®, scientific research is the starting point for every product we make. Whether from published research or our own clinical trials, we only make dietary supplements that our scientists have concluded science supports as being safe and providing a benefit to our consumers.  That means we consider the scientific basis for each product long before it is developed, manufactured, and put on the market.


We aim to be the model against which all other dietary supplement companies are measured, which is why we have a rigorous three-pronged approach to evaluate and substantiate the scientific basis for our products:


Review of Scientific Literature

We constantly track emerging science on nutrition, but we do not chase fads. On staff we have PhDs and Registered Dietitians that lead health and nutrition discussions within our company, and we also discuss the latest scientific facts with the Nature Made Scientific Advisory Board. Through this review process, we often choose not to develop products that may be popular or in the news because they lack sufficient benefit or safety evidence. Among examples, Nature Made long delayed developing a Cinnamon product and never followed the trend to develop an Ephedra product. Why?  Because we want to ensure that our products have scientific support for safety and consumer benefit.  Scientific support is not the same thing as scientific consensus; Pharmavite may act on credible emerging science before there is scientific consensus on the product.


Support for Public Studies

We feel strongly that vitamins and supplements deserve more independent academic and institutional research. We are proud that Nature Made supplements are sought out for clinical research studies by the leading science and health institutions because they can count on our product quality and consistency. In the last 20 years, Nature Made® products have been utilized or cited in numerous clinical studies.


Product-Specific Clinical Trials

For certain Nature Made products, we design and implement clinical studies to measure the benefit provided by our unique ingredients or blends. As a first example, we recently clinically tested our CholestOff™ product and, as we expected based on the studies previously done on the main ingredient in our product, found our product provided clear efficacy for lowering LDL cholesterol levels. We intend to continue this path of specific clinical studies for select Nature Made products.


Beyond our products, we are committed to advancing Evidenced-Based Nutrition (EBN) science – an inclusive research model that considers the totality of all available evidence. Our experts work closely with researchers and health care professionals to share information and engage in dialogue to better understand the human body and what makes people healthier.