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EQUELLE was founded with one purpose in mind; to embolden women to feel and be their best. That’s why we’re changing the game on menopause. Because our consumers never backed down from a challenge a day in their life, we wanted to tackle their toughest menopause symptoms head-on. Through that dedication, natural compounds, and science, we’ve created a hormone-free supplement that binds to estrogen receptors, helping women change the course of their symptoms - and chilling out those hot flashes.† EQUELLE is here to help women do what they do best: master the change.


MegaFood is a vitamin and supplement company working to create a world where everyone is truly nourished. And as a Certified B Corporation, we are joining together with some of the world’s best brands to not just be the best in the world, but to be the Best for the World®. Maintaining our certification means meeting rigorous standards for social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We’re cultivating a community of transparent suppliers, working to enable a thriving and diverse workforce, strengthening food security, lobbying against harmful chemicals like glyphosate, and supporting businesses, communities, and programs that share these same goals and values. Because we believe all businesses have a responsibility to help grow a healthier, more sustainable and more resilient future.


Fitting in your optimal daily dose of micronutrients can be complicated and time consuming. Nurish by Nature Made® takes the guesswork out by delivering the right nutrients you need to be at your best. Our convenient subscription service creates personalized nutritional supplement packets full of the nourishment you need, based on a simple quiz around your passions, lifestyle, and health goals. Drawing on nearly 50 years of Nature Made® expert nutrition science and research, nurish delivers high-quality vitamins and supplements you can trust.


Uqora was created by a chronic UTI sufferer (Jenna Ryan) and her biochemist husband (Spencer Gordon) who were both fed up with the tiring cycle of UTIs. Desperate to get ahead of the problem, Jenna was told repeatedly that there was little she could do. This experience inspired Jenna and Spencer to start Uqora. In collaboration with doctors and scientists, the couple began formulating effective urinary tract health products. Today, Uqora specializes in UTI education, UTI relief products and proactive urinary tract health supplements. Uqora is available exclusively at Uqora’s website.