World Traveler Drew Binsky Talks Globe-Trotting Tips & Making Dreams Come True

Jan 27, 2023 Lifestyle Tips 2 MIN

World Traveler Drew Binsky Talks Globe-Trotting Tips & Making Dreams Come True

As a full-time world traveler and content creator, Drew Binsky is on a mission to see the world—literally. He’s visited 195 of the world’s 197 countries and shared his journeys along the way with his large and growing online community. We asked him to share some globe-trotting tips, what he loves most about travelling, and what his next big dream is after he visits those last two countries.

How did you get into full-time world travel?

DB: I started traveling when I studied abroad in Prague from Jan-May 2012. Then, after graduating college, I taught English in South Korea where I started my travel blog, and I had the dream to visit every country. Fast-forward 8 years and I’ve visited 195 of the world's 197 countries, and I've grown my online community to 8 million! 

How do you support your health on the road?

DB: I try to eat small portions. I also do intermittent fasting (only eat from 12-8) and I always stay very active with walking. The key is to keep my body moving and stay away from junk food (sugar).  That’s about it! 

What have been your favorite countries and why?

DB: It's very hard to choose favorites, but the Philippines for its lovely people. Iran for its ancient history and hospitality. Japan for its insanely fresh and delicious food. Netherlands for its open-minded culture. Afghanistan for its remoteness and nature! 

What are some of your favorite activities to do while traveling?

DB: I like to play golf around the world (currently 41 countries). Given that I’m always on the move, golf is my time to relax and enjoy. I also like to go hiking whenever I get the chance. Nothing is more rewarding than standing on top of mountains! 

What are your travel plans after you see every country?

DB: After I finish visiting all 197 countries, I’m planning to chase the “story” as opposed to chasing he “country.” What I mean by this is that I want to tell better stories with better productions, regardless on the destination. Also, I want to be a resource to everyone to become better travelers and save money—that's why I launched my 'ultimate travel hacking course.' 

Drew Binsky

How do you work in a balanced lifestyle when you’re traveling for long periods of time?

DB: A healthy work-life balance is the key to success!! I make sure to maintain very close relationships with my family and wife. I chat with them every day, multiple times a day via what's app. I also try to explore cities without bringing my phone so I can stay present and fully enjoy myself and my surroundings. 

Tell us your top 3 travel tips!

DB: Bring twice the money and half the clothes! Make sure your phone works internationally by getting either a T-Mobile or Google Fi SIM card. Learn languages on Duolingo (at least 10 survival words/phrases).

Tell us your travel must haves while you’re on the road.

DB: My passport, MacBook Pro, camera and that’s about it. I tend to be very spontaneous and go with the flow, so I let my curiosity lead the way! 

What is something about traveling the world that you didn't expect/surprised you most?

DB: My biggest takeaway is that 99.9% of people are friendly, welcoming and hospitable. We are all programmed to be scared of the world from the news that we consume, but the truth is that people everywhere are so kind, and they want to show you around their country! Experiencing humanity first-hand has been the best part about travel. 


 Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky



Drew Binsky is a world traveler and content creator who has visited 195 of the world's 197 countries. He tells stories about people and culture to his online community of 8.5 million followers, and he's received over 3 billion video views. 



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