Wellness Tips from Team Nature Made®

May 09, 2023 Mood

Wellness Tips from Team Nature Made®

The last few years have seen considerable changes in our lives. As the world has changed, and as our homes have become, for many of us, our workplaces, it's essential to prioritize our mental wellness just as much as our physical health. As we experience the new working world, whether at home or back in the office, it is necessary to make mindfulness a priority. Thankfully, there are plenty of easy mental health tips for working from home and the office.

One important step you can take to support mental wellness is to ensure your brain gets all the nutritional support it needs. Eating a balanced diet goes a long way, and you can always look to Nature Made® to help fill potential nutrient gaps. Brain health supplements like Nature Made® Choline Gummies help support a healthy brain and nervous system function.†

We asked the Nature Made® team what steps they take to support their mental wellness.

Calais Graves (Sr Proofreader)

Calais Graves (Sr Proofreader)

I realized the importance of mental health and wellness when I learned about my sister's own experiences. A few things I do to support my mental wellness daily include walking, praying, journaling, practicing gratitude, listening to inspirational music or podcasts, reading, and getting enough sleep. I also take Nature Made® B12 supplements to make sure I’m getting enough B12 to help support my brain and mood health.†

In the past year, I have also added therapy to my self-care regimen, where I learned how to practice mindfulness during stressful situations. I also do breathing exercises to help calm me, speak life and positivity over the situation and myself, and last but not least, take a day off from work to rest if necessary.

Ali Kamen (Manager, Wellness and Engagement)

Ali Kamen (Manager, Wellness and Engagement)

As a busy mom, wellness professional, and yoga instructor, taking care of my mental well-being has become a priority for me over the last few years. During these tumultuous  times, I truly began to understand the importance of my own mental wellness. I realized how much joy I got from being around people and through my social connections; when the world shut down, I did too. I had to create new ways to connect with others in a virtual way. This included teaching yoga classes to my students over Zoom; I realized how much I missed the joy they brought me each week!

Living mindfully is something I practice each day. I start every morning by looking at my vision board to remind myself what I want to manifest in my life, followed by a guided meditation. After a morning ritual of brewing coffee and reading the morning news, I practice self-care through exercise. I dedicate 30-45 minutes each morning to running, yoga, strength training, or indoor cycling, which gives my mental well-being an instant boost of happy endorphins. Throughout the week, I make sure to spend time with family, friends, my dog, and my yoga students, which all positively impact my overall well-being.

During the week, I incorporate Nature Made® Wellblends™ Stress Relief Gummies for same-day stress support, or Nature Made® Ashwagandha Capsules to help calm and reduce stress. I take a daily dose of Nature Made® Multi for Her+Omega-3 Gummies along with Vitamins D and B-Complex, and I eat a nutritious diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, spinach and kale salads, nuts, grains, and yummy salmon. Most importantly, I remember to breathe. Our breath is always with us and is a great tool for calming the body and mind.†

Amanda Cecil (Manager, Social Media)

Amanda Cecil (Manager, Social Media)

When I think about how I support my mental wellness, one word comes to mind: meditation. I've been practicing mindfulness consistently for about five years now, and it's one of my favorite self-care tools. I think the most important thing I've learned about meditation is that there is power in letting go of the idea of doing it "perfectly." 

When I started out, I often obsessed about finding the perfect meditation spot, the chicest meditation pillow, the best app, and the optimal duration. If I heard a noise like a siren during my meditation session (par for the course at home in NYC), I'd start over. However, I've discovered that one of the most valuable aspects of meditation is acceptance. Acceptance that some days I'll want to meditate in a chair, and other days I'll feel like doing it on a park bench in the sunshine. Acceptance that noises like sirens are inevitable and that it's OK to let them come and go during a session. Acceptance that there is no "right" or "perfect" way to meditate has ironically made me a "better" meditator! 

Overall, meditation helps me to be more resilient and manage stress. I've also been trying our Nature Made® Energy‡ B12 Gummies, which are a delicious way to support brain cell function and help reduce fatigue for those of us low in B12.†

Take care of your mental wellness with these tips from the Nature Made® team. As you can see, it's important to prioritize mindfulness in your day-to-day life!

‡Helps convert food into cellular energy.†

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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