Two Quick 10-Minute Workouts with Niko Valdes

Oct 11, 2022 Fitness TipsNurish by Nature Made 1 MIN

Two Quick 10-Minute Workouts with Niko Valdes

As a father of two, I know getting a good workout can sometimes feel impossible. But as a former professional boxer I also understand the importance of progress over perfection.

Ten minutes of exercise may not seem like a lot, but for me it means so much more than just being active. A ten-minute workout is not only doable, but it also allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment. For the times you may feel discouraged to workout, just think about how 10 minutes a day can add up overtime and it may even encourage you to do more.

Here are two ways I get my ten-minute workout done:


Grab the stroller, scooters, or whatever it is that gets you and the fam outside and moving. This may not feel like a workout but even a brisk 10-minute walk is better than nothing. If you really want to amp it up, slap on some ankle weights, or swap between walking and running.


Jump ropes aren’t only for kids! They can be a great way to squeeze in some workout too, while you’re watching the kids play. Jump ropes are great for indoors or outdoors workouts too (making them a good option during the hotter months of the year). Just make sure you have enough space indoors, garages are always a good option if you have access to one!

Here’s a quick routine you can get in while you’re hopping around:

·         Basic Jump Rope: 2 mins

·         High Knees: 1 min

·         Single Leg Jump Left: 30 seconds

·         Single Leg Jump Right: 30 seconds

·         Basic Jump Rope: 1 min (2x)

Ten minutes a day is enough to get your body moving and get a great workout done. Remember that any small change is still progress, and it can be the start of a new healthy habit!

Always check with a physician before starting a new exercise program.

Niko Valdes

Two Quick 10-Minute Workouts with Niko Valdes



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