Enjoy the Holiday Season

Nov 10, 2022 Lifestyle Tips 1 MIN

Enjoy the Holiday Season

Parties, gifts, and sweets--the temptations of the holidays can be hard to resist. Although too much alcohol, too much rich food and too little sleep can be very hard on your body, some extra vitamins and supplements may help ease the effects of overindulgence this holiday season. Remember to pace yourself, get enough sleep, and drink alcohol only moderately - but drink water plentifully- to make it through this time of good cheer with ease.

Here are some of Santa’s secret little supplement helpers:

Vitamin C

Not only does this super antioxidant help combat oxidative stress in the body, it also helps support immunity. Also, another key to enjoying the holiday season is maintaining a healthy stress level. Stress can deplete vitamin C in the body, so extra vitamin C can keep you healthy during this sometimes-stressful season.


Zinc helps the body’s natural defense system. In particular, the immune system needs zinc to function properly. Maintain winter wellness with additional zinc.

Vitamin E

Another super antioxidant, vitamin E protects the cardiovascular system and the immune system and lessens the effects of stress on the body.


Indulged at the buffet table a bit too much? Add Acidophilus to your diet to help maintain a healthy, well-functioning intestinal tract.

Super B-Complex

B vitamins are necessary for releasing and producing energy in the body. If you’re feeling tired and run down from all the holiday business, B vitamins may help maintain your energy levels to keep up with the whirlwind.


If you find your mood could use a boost, try SAM-e. A natural supplement, SAM-e is found throughout the body and can help maintain a sense of wellbeing.

Stress Relief

Nature Made® Wellblends™ Stress Relief Gummies are a scientifically designed 2-in-1 blend of L-theanine and GABA to provide same day stress support in one hour or less.

Sleep & Recover

Nature Made® Wellblends™ Sleep & Recover™ Gummies are a 3-in-1 blend that is scientifically designed to support a restful sleep to help your body’s natural recovery.

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