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Heart Health Supplements

Heart Health Vitamins

Being proactive with your heart health can certainly help when you’re striving to maintaining your overall health. Let Nature Made’s broad line of nutritional supplements help you with your heart health effort. Here’s a list of the key supplements for your heart.


What is it?

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a strong antioxidant compound found in every cell in the body. As a coenzyme, it helps facilitate important reactions.

What are the benefits?

Heart health and energy production.

How does it work?

CoQ10 works in the body in a variety of ways. As an antioxidant, CoQ10 helps protect the healthy cells of the body by defending against damaging free radicals. CoQ10's role in heart health is strongly linked to how it functions as an antioxidant. CoQ10 is also necessary for energy production. CoQ10 exists inside the energy-producing part of the cell called the mitochondria where it facilitates the production of energy. That energy supports the basic functioning of all cells including the cells of the heart

Fish Oil

What is it?

Fish oil is strong, natural source of the key omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA

What are the benefits?

EPA and DHA found in fish oil have been shown to have cardio-protective benefits. Supportive but not conclusive research suggests that these omega-3 fatty acids may reduce one’s risk for heart disease. In addition, EPA and DHA have shown the potential to help maintain triglyceride levels already in the normal range.

How does it work?

Omega-3 fatty acids provide the structural integrity for all human cells. They are incorporated into cell membranes and are necessary for effective cell function, normal growth and proper development.


What is it?

CholestOff is a combination of plant-based compounds called sterols and stanols.

What are the benefits?

CholestOff has been shown to lower cholesterol naturally and may help to prevent heart disease when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.

How does it work?

The plant sterols and stanols in CholestOff have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels in the body by blocking the absorption of dietary cholesterol sources.

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