Feb 09, 2022


Elderberry is a botanical traditionally used around the world for immune system support, antioxidant function

ANTIOXIDANT Elderberry neutralizes free radicals, a type of unstable molecule, to help keep cells throughout the body healthy.

IMMUNE SUPPORT Elderberry contains flavonoids, which help support immune function to address oxidative stress and manage a healthy inflammatory response.


  • There are no formal recommendations in existence from professional organizations.
  • Be sure to check the concentration of your dietary supplement.
  • Clinical studies in adults supports the following doses:


European elder is a tree native to Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. It also grows in the United States.

  • Bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots have long been used in traditional medicine.
  • Elderberry and elder flower are used today as dietary supplements in teas, liquid extracts, gummies and capsules.


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