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  • Nature Made VitaMeltscan make taking your vitamin supplements a more enjoyable experience. VitaMelts are a line of great tasting vitamins that dissolve in your mouth – without water – and come in a small, portable package, so you can take them anytime, anywhere.

    We wanted to make sure VitaMelts tasted really good, so we used great tasting natural flavors like Juicy Orange, Mixed Berry, Creamy Vanilla, Honey Lemon, and Green Tea Mint.


    • Smooth dissolve tablets
    • No water needed
    • Natural flavors and colors derived from natural sources

  • A New Day: Vitamins Taken A Different Way
    We all know that, unfortunately, our diets don’t always give us the nutrients we need. Vitamins have always been an option to provide extra nutritional “insurance” often needed to balance the nutrients available in your daily diet. More recently different forms have become available besides your traditional pill, tablet or softgel form.


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