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  • Nature Made TripleFlex offers four formulas with key ingredients for joint health; one is formulated to help begin providing relief in as little as seven days. All formulas have two proven nutrients in common: Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Both are produced naturally in our bodies and target the cartilage. Glucosamine helps to support and strengthen cartilage for overall mobility and support. Chondroitin provides a cushion for joints and protects existing cartilage by inhibiting the enzymes that can damage it.

    Nature Made is proud to be a National Sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation and its Arthritis Walk.  Through this sponsorship, Nature Made helps the Arthritis Foundation raise awareness and funds to fight arthritis while encouraging people to “MOVE” to maintain optimal health and to prevent arthritis.

  • Don't Let Joint Discomfort Stop Summer Fun
    Summertime is meant to be filled with activity, but if your joints are bothering you, it can be no fun. We consulted America’s Joint Health Expert, Jason Theodosakis, M.D., also known as “Dr. Theo” to find out his top tips for staying active:

    Foods & Nutrients That Fuel Joint Health
    The warmer weather is officially here, which means it`s time to get outdoors and enjoy one of your favorite activities, whether that`s taking an outdoor yoga class, jogging through your local park, walking your dogs, or engaging in morning swimming or water aerobics sessions.

    Keeping Your Joints Healthy Keeping Your Joints Healthy
    You notice it with small things at first—your knees creak when going up stairs. Your shoulders bother you when serving on the tennis court. Given the thousands of ways we use our joints—and depend on them—in our daily life, it’s in our best interest to keep them healthy. The good news, though, is that maintaining joint health can become a simple part of your daily nutritional intake with your supplement regimen.

    A Proactive Approach to Long-Term Joint Health
    Just as it is time to get more active with the warmer weather, it’s also time to focus on long term joint health. Taking a proactive approach with a daily supplement that works naturally helps maintain healthy joints over time. Supplements for joint health are popular today due to scientific research demonstrating their effectiveness in promoting joint comfort, maintaining cartilage, and improving overall mobility.


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