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  • SAM-e (S-adenosylmethionine) is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies. It works to promote overall healthy brain functions, helping to balance our emotions by acting as a mood stabilizer. As we age, SAM-e levels decrease. Poor diet also contributes to its decline, but taking a SAM-e supplement as a mood enhancer may reverse the effects of diminished levels in as little as 7-14 days when taken daily.

    SAM-e has also been shown to promote joint health by improving the structure and function of joint cartilage, and may assist cells in producing glutathione, which are essential to the liver.

  • Commonly Asked Questions About Vitamins
    If you have unanswered questions about vitamins and supplements, you are not alone. Over 50% of Americans take supplements, yet many aren’t sure which ones to take, how much to take or even when to take them. To clear up the confusion, the Wellness Advisor has put together answers to your most commonly asked questions about vitamins and supplements.

    Timing Your Vitamins
    Taking vitamins is an important way to boost your nutritional intake. The timing of when we take vitamins, though, can be as vital as the fact that we take them. To ensure that we get the most out of vitamins and supplements when is the best time to take them? We asked Melissa Dorval, RD, to help us understand when the best time is to take vitamins and supplements.

    Beat the Winter Blues
    For many, winter is not always a wonderland. As skies gray and temperatures drop, moods often drift into doldrums. In fact, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, up to 20 percent of Americans experience some form of winter blues.

    Elevating Mood
    Feeling blue? As the long winter months loom ahead, the Wellness Advisor has some advice which may help brighten your mood. Here are some tips which may help you feel a bit sunnier.

    Emotions and Your Health
    To learn more about how emotions can affect health, we spoke to our Wellness Expert, Lynn Laboranti, MS RD.

    Food and Mood Food and Mood
    Can what you eat affect your mood? There is no doubt that food can have an effect on our emotions. Food can make us feel good, guilty, and even disappointed. And, the saying “you are what you eat” does hold some truth. Some people may feel more energized on a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet, while others feel lethargic and tired, and some may need to limit carbs and beef up their protein intake. How often you eat and how much can also affect how you feel. Basically, your dietary habits can affect how your brain functions and, in turn, determine your mood.

    Healthy Holiday Survival
    Parties, gifts and chocolate Santas--the temptations of the holidays can be hard to resist. Although too much alcohol, too much rich food and too little sleep can be very hard on your body, some extra vitamins and supplements may help ease the effects of over indulgence this holiday season. Remember to pace yourself, get enough sleep, and drink alcohol only moderately - but drink water plentifully- to make it through this time of good cheer with ease.

    Improve Your Mood Naturally
    Sometimes life seems to move faster and faster, making it hard to keep up with the pace! The kids are pulling you in all directions, you are stuck in traffic on your way to work, spill coffee on your new suit, and are late for a morning meeting. All of these little stressors can really add up and, over time, may impact your mood and emotional health.

    Dr. Janet Taylor Introducing Dr. Taylor
    With her impressive list of accomplishments and commitment to quality care, we’re excited to welcome Dr. Janet Taylor to the Nature Made family as our new SAM-e Complete spokesperson. Dr. Taylor is a psychiatrist with a private practice in New York City, who has made it her mission to go beyond traditional forms of psychiatry and reach out into communities that need her help most.

    Natural Remedies to Maintain a Healthy Mood Natural Remedies to Maintain a Healthy Mood
    The idea that you can impact a healthy mood or positive emotions is powerful. As a Psychiatrist and certified life coach, patients always ask me about natural ways to maintain a healthy mood. With all of life’s obligations and hectic schedules, it’s easy to get pulled in multiple directions feeling time-pressured, overwhelmed and stressed-out. Instead of feeling helpless, recognize your current emotional state and take effective action to promote a good mood naturally.

    SAM-e: Help Through Life's Ups and Downs
    Transitions in life can affect our mood and emotional well-being. Whether it`s a major life change, a blue mood, or a stressful period of time, these situations can make us feel overwhelmed with sadness. Supplements like SAM-e may help ease us through our ups and downs. Richard Brown, M.D., co-author of Stop Depression Now sat down to speak to the Wellness Advisor about practical tips for improving mood, and the benefits of SAM-e.

    Tina Su, Good Mood Blogger Blog Post 1: The Good Mood Project, Are You In?
    Hello everyone, my name is Tina Su, and I will be spending some quality time here with you for the next six months. Think of me as your personal cheerleader. If you could do that, that’d make me happy.


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