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  • Overview
  • Pregnancy hasn’t really changed much in the past two thousand years, but what we know about it seems to change almost every day. An important step as we move forward is identifying the role nutrition and maternal health play in fetal development. We’ve learned that proper prenatal care can help to promote a healthy pregnancy and baby.

    In a true “you are what you eat” application, pregnant and breastfeeding women must meet the needs of a growing baby without sacrificing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients their own bodies require. Taken daily, a prenatal supplement, along with a healthy, balanced diet, provides optimal levels of vital nutrients and helps fill in the gaps when something is missing.

    Nature Made Prenatal vitamins are carefully formulated to deliver the essential building blocks both mothers and babies need, including folic acid, iron, the omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, zinc and vitamin D. A Nature Made prenatal multivitamin, helps expectant and breastfeeding women support healthy nervous and immune systems, enhance bone health and maintain their energy. And what mother doesn’t need that.


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