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  • It’s no secret that calcium is vital to bone health, and 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones and teeth. Your skeleton needs calcium to remain strong and in turn, support organs and muscles. But calcium isn’t all about perfect posture. The remaining 1% of our calcium is circulated in the blood, and is essential for muscle contraction, releasing neurotransmitters, regulating heartbeat and clotting of blood.

    When calcium levels are low, the blood leaches it from our bones. Without proper dietary intake through food, daily vitamins or calcium supplements, the calcium robbed from the bones isn’t replaced and the entire skeletal structure can be compromised. Calcium deficiency is a factor in developing osteoporosis.

    Many forms of calcium exist, including calcium carbonate, calcium citrate and calcium phosphate. Nature Made calcium supplements are formulated with calcium carbonate for the highest concentration of elemental calcium, and can be paired with additional nutrients to help enhance absorption and promote overall bone health such as vitamins D & K, magnesium, zinc and phytonutrients.

  • Top 5 Supplements for Good Health
    The right program of vitamin supplements can help deliver a natural recipe for fulfilling a healthy diet and supporting overall health. With so many supplements to choose from, here is a list of the top five supplements to create a powerful core regimen for good health in the new year.

    Magnesium: Another Important Mineral
    Most commonly identified as an electrolyte and touted for its role in maintaining mineral balance, magnesium works hand-in-hand with calcium. Magnesium is also involved in over 300 essential metabolic functions making this mineral a key player in energy and metabolism.

    Anti-Aging Tactics
    While a fountain of youth may be a myth, there are steps you can take to lessen aging’s toll on the body. Dr. Mike Roizen, author of the book Real Age and a five time guest on Oprah is a leading expert on anti-aging. He shared some of his secret weapons—including vitamin D, antioxidants and calcium—with the Wellness Advisor.

    Guide to Calcium
    Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is found primarily in the skeleton where it builds and maintains bones and teeth. Other important functions dependent on calcium include muscle contraction, regulation of heartbeat, and blood clotting. Inadequate calcium intake leads to bone loss and, eventually, osteoporosis. In children, a calcium and vitamin D deficiency may lead to rickets which causes bone deformities and growth retardation. Low calcium levels may also cause muscle spasms, leg cramps, and can contribute to high blood pressure. Calcium supplementation helps prevent osteoporosis and maintains a healthy blood pressure.

    Timing Your Vitamins
    Taking vitamins is an important way to boost your nutritional intake. The timing of when we take vitamins, though, can be as vital as the fact that we take them. To ensure that we get the most out of vitamins and supplements when is the best time to take them? We asked Melissa Dorval, RD, to help us understand when the best time is to take vitamins and supplements.

    Wellness Tips
    For Optimal Health: Carroll Reider, M.S., R.D. suggests everyone add vibrant hues to the dinner plate like steamed carrots, peppers, and red cabbage. “Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables will help maximize nutrient intake and many provide essential antioxidants,” Reider said. “It’s even better to take a multivitamin with your dinner to better absorb the nutrients and ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.”

    Tips to Getting Enough Calcium
    Making sure you get adequate amounts of calcium every day is essential for bone health and to help prevent osteoporosis later in life. Getting adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D is one essential step to optimizing bone health. Furthermore, low blood calcium levels may also cause muscle spasms and leg cramps. Bottom line: You do need to get enough calcium every day for good health and to maintain strong healthy bones for life.

    Moving Through Menopause
    Kathy Smith, leading health and fitness guru and author of the best-selling book and video Moving Through Menopause, recounts how exercise, nutrition and relaxation techniques can ease the physical and emotional strains of menopause.

    The 12 Month Pregnancy
    The responsibilities of parenthood are multifaceted, and begin even before your little bundle of joy arrives. The Wellness Advisor has outlined how to help take care of yourself before, during, and post-pregnancy so that you and your baby can get the healthy start and energy you need.


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