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    Work. Deadlines. Errands around town, and chores around the house. With such busy lifestyles and often times poor eating habits, it’s no secret why we’re always so tired. Then you factor in occasional illness, rigorous exercise or times of stress, and it’s easy to see why energy levels can feel completely reduced.

    Thankfully, there are energy vitamin supplements to consider. B vitamins and certain herbal products like Asian Chinese Red Ginseng can help maintain energy processes, and may even boost energy levels. Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, plus a daily vitamin like Multi Max, it’s possible to achieve the optimum balance necessary for active adults of all ages.

  • CoQ10 Plus B Vitamins for Energy CoQ10 Plus B Vitamins for Energy
    Learn why it may be important to supplement your diet with CoQ10 and B vitamins: key nutrients that help your body maintain a healthy supply of energy.

    Enhancing Energy
    Are you barely dragging yourself around? Maybe your lack of energy shows in just coming home at the end of the day and finding it hard to get off the sofa. It’s hard to cope with life when your energy is running low. Vitamins and supplements may be able to help give you back some of your sparkle by making sure your body gets the nutritional support it needs and ensuring that oxygen is carried efficiently throughout the bloodstream. Lynn Laboranti, our Wellness Expert, answered some questions about getting the bounce in your step back.

    Guide to B Vitamins A Guide to the B Vitamins
    There are so many B vitamins it can be easy to forget what each one is for. We have put together a friendly little guide to let you know what each B vitamin does for you and why they are essential to ensuring your health and energy level.

    Making the Most of Your Day
    Making the most of your day certainly depends on having enough energy. Some of the most dependable ways to remain ready to seize the day is to make healthy choices and habits a part of your regular routine.

    Increasing Metabolism Understanding Your Metabolism
    Understanding your metabolism and what you can do to support your health is the first step to achieving the most healthful you. Nature Made’s own Registered Dietitian, Meghan Lyons, MS, explains what metabolism is, tips on how to gain energy and supplements that may help.

    Beat the Winter Blues
    For many, winter is not always a wonderland. As skies gray and temperatures drop, moods often drift into doldrums. In fact, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, up to 20 percent of Americans experience some form of winter blues.

    Saying Goodbye to Tired Benefits of a Restful Night's Sleep
    Did you know over 60% of adults have trouble sleeping a few nights a week or more? Our busy days can be so intense and thought-provoking that they can lead to sleepless nights. But being productive during the day is dependent on a good night’s rest. Besides feeling exhausted, there are other effects of not getting enough sleep.


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