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Everyday we make choices and take actions that ensure the scientific-basis and quality of Nature Made® vitamins and supplements. Throughout, we have been proud of our choices about our products, but in the past we have made many of these decisions with less explanation than our consumers and customers would like.


We are making a commitment to change that. We are making a new commitment to you on the transparency and openness of our decisions, our actions, and the straight facts regarding the vitamin and supplement category as a whole. As we take this new pledge to transparency, we have high expectations, but also know there is significant work ahead of us. We ask that you watch us, engage in a dialogue with us, and help by challenging us to constantly improve.


For Nature Made as a vitamins and supplements company, we believe transparency means three critical things:


Acting Openly & Honestly

We know that the first key step is communicating more of our choices and actions regarding our products publicly, including potentially complex but important details of our products. This will be challenging work, but we are in the early stages of a progression toward more open and transparent communication of our actions.


In the future, for example, we plan to share more detailed information about our product sourcing and manufacturing choices and sustainable environmental impact. We recognize that we have some work ahead still to share this kind of detail, but we see this as the right commitment for us to make.


Open Dialogue & Debate

We are aware of the lively debate regarding the role of dietary supplements in nutrition and health, and we are an active participant.


From academic researchers, to health care practitioners, to any person taking a Nature Made product for their health, we want to participate actively in the discussion of the role, benefits, and limitations of supplements. This is why we participate in the dialogue at nutrition science conferences such as the Women’s Health Congress, American Dietetic Association Conference, and the Scientific Assembly of the American Academy of Family Physicians. As an active participant, we do not always agree with every statement or new headline about dietary supplements, but we actively seek this public debate in order to both listen and share our scientifically-based view.


Beyond that, we are committed to an open dialogue with anyone that is taking or interested in Nature Made products. Over time we will work to expand this dialogue, but even now we are readily available via our in-house call line (1-800-276-2878), our Registered Dietitians and nutrition experts, or on social media sites such as Facebook (www.facebook.com/naturemade). We welcome the dialogue.


Commitment to Education

Finally, we recognize how complex and confusing vitamins and supplements can be, and we commit to improving this current reality. As supplements evolve, with new science and ingredients constantly emerging, even knowledgeable consumers and medical experts can feel overwhelmed.


We take seriously our responsibility to improve the available fact-based information and education tools for our products. Everyone should have the confidence to choose (or not to choose) a Nature Made supplement based on a clear, full understanding of its science. We see this problem clearly and we are committed to making the experience of researching and purchasing supplements easier in the future.